The Bitter Ginger Bitters


These special, small-batch bitters are inspired by and handcrafted in Big Sur by Brian and Lacey Muzarek, professional bartenders and citrus farmers. They are completely natural and unadulterated to let their quality shine through in your glass! Fresh, seasonal ingredients take this classic cocktail "seasoning" to new heights by bringing out the brightness of each flavor combination.

All ingredients are either grown on the Muzarek ranch or organically-sourced. Each glass dropper bottle is 2oz

Big Sur - The essence of the Big Sur coast! Bringing together the aromatics one would find while hiking around Big Sur - bay laurel, sage, eucalyptus, and more

Ruby Red - Bright, with the flesh of the ruby red grapefruit shining through, these bitters capture the flavor of the fruit at its peak ripeness

Meyer Lemon - The distinctive sweet aroma of Meyer lemon is complimented by locally-sourced floral honeycomb and bracingly bitter cascade hops

Celery - Herbaceous and savory with a hint of lemon. Add to Bloody Marys, micheladas, make a dirty martini a little filthier, or even just add two or three drops to a glass of soda water for a refreshing beverage

Lavender - Elegant and floral yet balanced by the use of both the green stem and the purple flower buds, these bitters pair beautifully with champagne cocktails, vodka, gin, and more - without being overly perfumed

Blood Orange - Fresh, peak-season blood oranges are macerated in high-proof rye and will be best friends with your Manhattan and Old Fashioned cocktails

Orange - Bright and playful citrusy bitters that will add an almost "creamy" mouthfeel to fruit-forward libations or perk up simple cocktails and sparkling water

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