Raising The Bar

A game about mixing fake drinks - using real cocktail recipes: simply turn over tiles to find the ingredients you need to make as many imaginary beverages as possible, building up your bar of supplies while trying to make more drinks than your opponent. It's sort of like memory but more challenging. You know, like trying to remember things when you've been drinking. • Each of the 50 playing cards includes an actual cocktail recipe (including how to make it). So even if you suck at the game, just have a drink (or 2), and you won't care anymore. • Includes 140 game tiles, 50 playing cards, and a set of instructions (because it would be really mean not to). • Designed to be played by 2-4 players. • Psst: This isn't a drinking game... it's a game about drinking (during which you can make a drink if you want). • The outer box measures 4.5" by 5" by 2.25" deep.

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