Rokz Glass Rimmers

$4.25 $8.50

Sugar, salt, spice - rim your cocktail glass with an added layer of flavor!  Presented in a wide, shallow tin so you can dip your glass of choice directly into the infused sugar or salt mix without hassle or mess.

4oz packages will rim approximately 40 drinks.

Bloody Mary Salt - Savory spices and dried herbs accent this combination of sea and kosher flake salts. For a new twist, dip an olive in the salt and use as a garnish

Citrus Jalapeno Salt - Add a kick to your typical margarita rim with this blend of three citrus peels and real jalapeno

Lime Margarita Salt - This blend is made up of two types of salt, lime juice and flavorful bits of lemon and orange peel

Wild Hibiscus - An infusion of sweet and salty with hibiscus, citrus, botanicals, and spice. This blend combines sugar and salt!

Bittersweet Sugar - Raw cane sugar infused with orange, grapefruit, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, and bitter hops for a versatile, sultry bittersweet balance

Lemon Drop Sugar - A bright blend of cane sugar, lemon zest, citrus peel and sunflower petals

Chocolate Martini Sugar - Dark cocoa, raw sugar, and a hint of vanilla - decadent and sweet!

Citrus & Petals Sugar - Cane sugar with natural lemon flavor and accents of dried hibiscus, rose & mint

Sweet Heat Sugar - Ancho chile combined with raw sugar: sweet, spicy, and smokey

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