Infused Sugar Cube Tins


Flavor-infused sugar cubes ready to pop into a glass of champagne, an Old Fashioned, or a hot beverage!

Each tin contains 10 sugar cubes.

Cinnamon-Vanilla - Warm, sweet spice for your coffee, black tea, or dessert-inspired cocktail creation. Ingredients: pure cane sugar, pure vanilla extract, cinnamon, cloves

Orange-Cherry - A delightfully tart and citrusy addition to bourbon or rye whiskey, for a classic Old Fashioned. Ingredients: pure cane sugar, organic tart cherry juice, orange zest

Rose Petal - Add a touch of floral sweetness to champagne or tea. Ingredients: pure cane sugar, dried rose petals

Lemon Lavender - Just in time for springtime entertaining and relaxing! Our Lavender Lemon Sugar Cube, made with organic lavender, lemon zest, and lemon juice. For tea, gin, and vodka cocktails.

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