The Bitter Housewife Bitters


Cocktail bitters are the spice rack of cocktail making - with the unique ability to heighten certain flavors in spirits and mixers while softening others. They bring disparate flavors into harmony!

Barrel-Aged Bitters - Old Fashioned Aromatic Bitters but made in a well-seasoned whiskey barrel! The result is a rich, smooth bitters perfect for spirit-forward drinks like a Manhattan. You’ll taste a lot of vanilla from the oak, balanced nicely by a hint of smoke from the charred barrels.

Cardamom Bitters - A surprisingly versatile, highly aromatic bitters that will add lovely depth to sweet fruit-based drinks or meld with the smoky characteristics of an anejo tequila or scotch. Try Cardamom Bitters with any spirit, and even amaros!

Dead Guy Chicory Bitters - These rich, layered bitters crafted with Rogue’s Dead Guy Whiskey feature roasted chicory and cocoa nibs for a truly indulgent addition to any whiskey-based cocktail. Chocolate Manhattan? Yes, please!

Grapefruit Bitters - Tons of grapefruit flavor, without the acid. A few dashes will brighten up any cocktail like a squeeze of juice will, but you don’t have to worry about having a grapefruit on hand or adding too much acidity to your drink. Hops highlight the floral notes of grapefruit and earthy ginger + rich honey balance everything out.

Lime Coriander Bitters - Bright, savory, simple, versatile - these bitters are the perfect addition to anything tart, sweet, and refreshing. Goes great with gin, vodka, tequila, and fruity rum drinks. Try livening up a Margarita, a Bloody Mary, or a simple Gin & Tonic!

Old Fashioned Aromatic Bitters - Crafted specifically with the Old Fashioned in mind, these bitters are full of baking spices like ginger, cinnamon, and allspice to bring out the spice in a rye-based whiskey and balanced with an earthy bitterness that will make your drinks more interesting.

Orange Bitters - These bitters are packed full of fresh navel orange peel (about one orange per bottle), layered with subtle and earthy baking spices, and softened with the unexpected floral notes of Earl Grey tea. Make your Margarita richer, your Old Fashioned more playful, or your Martini a standout.

Westward Hazelnut Bitters - Bring welcome warmth to any cocktail with a dash of toasty hazelnut finished with the spicy notes of cinnamon and black pepper. These bitters particularly suit an Old Fashioned or rum, bourbon, whiskey, and amari.

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