The Curious Bartender: In Pursuit of Liquid Perfection--Recipes for the Finest Cocktails


The Curious Bartender: In Pursuit of Liquid Perfection is the sixth book by bestselling author and legendary bartender Tristan Stephenson. You'll find 64 of the finest cocktails: 32 perfected classics and 32 game-changing reinventions of classics. Tristan makes you discover tastebuds and talents you never knew you had. You will find recipes for everything from a White Russian or a Tom Collins to an Umami Bomb or a Giraffe. He'll show you the tools of the trade, the techniques he swears by and how to experiment to create your own cocktail sensations at home. Tristan's done all the hard work for you - all you have to do is leaf through the pages of his book!

Hardcover, 208 Pages, 8.5"Lx8"W

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